Brand identity, UX, UI
Trailpal is an app allowing families and individuals to easily access and navigate their local parks and trail systems.
Research Insights
When hiking local trails, there were no maps to take with you, only those featured on the main sign located at the trailhead. Letters, numbers, colors, and symbols were used interchangeably on wayfinding which made it confusing to follow.
Brand Identity
The typeface (Interstate) was chosen due to its optimization for navigation. The primary green color comes from highway markers and trail signs, and playful illustrations and tone of voice emphasize the "pal" in trailpal.
The App
Conditions were often treacherous on the trails. At one point, a wooden plank was placed as a makeshift bridge over the mud for hikers. Trailpal will warn you about these dangers before you head out.
A user's profile lets them see the posts they've made, track their fitness and trail stats, and access their favorite trails.
Built-in trail games use camera functions to immerse the user in the trail and learn more about the foliage and wildlife through automatic photo detection.
This feature was inspired by small signs on the Aman Park trail that identified flowers and other fauna. The feature also helps keep the games educational and allows users to learn more about what each trail has to offer.
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