Meijer® Supercenter Shop & Scan
During my time as an intern at Meijer, I was able to redesign the Shop & Scan lane for the 2023 remodels.
The Previous Package
The update to the Shop & Scan lane included new hanging signs, new kiosks, and new wallpaper. The lane currently allows shoppers to self checkout with five items or less, but will soon be switching to Shop & Scan only.
The goal was to slowly phase out the self checkout portion of the lane and focus on Shop & Scan. Meijer also wanted to make the package more cohesive with the staffed checkout lane markers seen above.
Final Package
To solve this problem, I created three signs: one for self checkout, one for self checkout with five items or less as well as shop & scan, and one for shop & scan only (to be implemented in the future).
To phase into Shop & Scan, I recommended and created a sticker for the kiosks that would walk people through how to use the feature on the Meijer app.
Two variations of the wallpaper were created, one for the Shop & Scan lane and one to be placed throughout the store to encourage shoppers to try it during their visit.
Implementation of the package in Elkhart, Indiana.
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