ALTER Conference
Brand Identity, Environmental, UX, UI

ALTER is a conference for designers and developers committed to exploring evolving forms of media such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.
Social media continues to evolve and expand into new technologies, changing the way we engage, design, and develop. What potential dangers may lie behind the veil of new and accessible altered realities?
Looking at other tech conferences and watching talks from their speakers made me realize how quickly social media particularly is adopting new technology and putting it in the public's hands.
Brand System
Branded story posts on Instagram will reveal the names of each speaker as they come out of their "altered reality" and into focus.
At the Event
A fold-out poster given to users during their entrance doubles as an itinerary that communicates the talks, speakers, schedule, and floor map of the venue. 
A phone case and QR code to download a live wallpaper will be distributed on the way out as a thanks for attending the conference and a way to remember your experience every time you open social media.
Each nametag comes with a sticker pack so that guests can choose which pronouns they want on their badge.
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